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June 2, 2012
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The Dark Knight Rises by emmshin The Dark Knight Rises by emmshin
Here's my fan-art of the upcoming movie of The Dark Knight Rises, Directed by my favorite Christopher Nolan, the final installment of the Nolanverse of the famous detective Batman..

Hope y'all like it guys!
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The coloring and texture look good, the shading is also great although the smoke looks a little unrealistic ( A little cartoonish) and the sky confuses me a bit upper left is a normal blue sky while the rest is a red scene of what i think is an allout war below. Otherwise is a GREAT piece and would recommend it to about anybody.If you could do more like it I would greatly approve. Please keep making more for your fans and new people of DA im sure they would love and respect you and your Great work im sure of it.

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The composition is very good; the viewer's eye is brought to each character in turn. I love that you kept the proportions correct. Especially in Bane's case. So many people are tempted to depict as some ridiculous behemoth that doesn't match at all the more realistic Bane that Chris Nolan has created. The detail in the expressions and poses is really commendable. You've captured the brutality of Bane with him seizing Batman's throat, and Batman's fighting spirit even while his life is threatened. The motion blur in the background's bright colors really makes the foreground pop and creates a more dynamic feel. The snow bokeh is a nice detail consistent with the winter setting of the film. Not to be forgotten, Catwoman lying on the ground with blood coming from her mouth shows she put up a fight but couldn't quite make it. All in all, your attention to detail and characters makes this piece stand out in the crowd.
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I will break you
This scene of Batman and Bane is pretty awesome.
This is an amazing work of art you did. First off this should be on a comic book cover if Dark Horse makes one and second it's a coincidence that I imagine Batman and Bane fight just like this you've made. Anyways nice work dude you rock.
emmshin Aug 22, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Thank you very much Krobii47.. `em so sorry for the late reply! :)

Have a great day ahead ya'.. ^__^
ArtistzFuture Jul 13, 2013
I really like this piece, its cool!
The awesomeness rises! :+fav:
emmshin Jul 9, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Thank you very much Tarmo! em so sorry for the late response, have a great day! :)
Wow, I'm assuming this is on "the Bat" which means Bats and Bane are fighting whilst flying around which is epic!
emmshin May 31, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Yup your right! at the top of the Bat, hehe..thanks for noticing it!

Thank you very much RKM! :)
This came out amazing! :^)
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